The Challenge

Create an identity and web presence that makes it easy for an adventure-trip company to educate and engage its customers, generate leads, and build interest for booking exciting trips into the mountains.

The Solution

Using dramatic photography and a vibrant accent color, this design provides a sense of wonder to the user as they learn about the different adventures they can take. A prominent, easy to use contact form not only makes it easy for the user to request more information, but is a tool for the company to generate leads. I designed the logo, as well as the site itself.


The mountain “MT” logo mark is a triangle formed by adding a point at the top middle of a square and then deleting the top left and right points. The peaks (which also form the top of a solid glyph capital “M”) are formed by negative space created when a bold, capital “T” is angled and overlapped against the side of the triangle. Imagine it’s hammered into the right side of the mountain, like a climbing axe.

The typeface is Lobster, a free font from Google. The flowing script offers a definite contrast to the strong, solid shape of the mountain mark. It also creates a sense of movement – like a tour group walking away triumphantly after conquering the mountain.

The home page image takes up the entire screen, placing main messaging and calls to action front and center for the user.


The header remains stuck to the top of the screen while the user scrolls down the site. The “Upcoming Trips” section uses large visual tiles to showcase the available adventure options.







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